Mother’s day is around the corner again, thinking about getting something for your mom? I am a mother myself with two beautiful boys. I still remember it is like yesterday when my 5 years old son drew me a picture with me and dad holding his hand as a Mother’s day gift two years ago. That must be the first time in his life he learned there is a Mother’s day.

Again, this year 2011, the mother’s day is next Sunday, May 8th. I am thinking about getting something for my own mother who is 70+ years old living down in Florida. When comes to gift ides, I like something simple but nice, beautiful or something your mom can really use on. Not something expensive but your mom will never be able to use at all.

The first gift idea in my simple gift idea list for mother’s day would be flower. It is just fresh, sweet and beautiful. Check out those two below? Aren’t they just beautiful?

Sweetness Flowers Bouquet Sweetness Flowers Bouquet 

A compact vased bouquet in delicate pinks and purples, featuring carnations, alstroemeria, asters, monte casino, or similar fresh flowers. Great for a thank you, get well, or thinking of you gift, and perfect for a desktop, vanity, or reading table.

Simple Pleasures Flowers Bouquet Simple Pleasures Flowers Bouquet 

Colorful and hardy fresh flowers, such as daisies, poms, alstroemeria, carnations, and babies’ breath, all nestled together in a basket of happiness. A year-round favorite for birthdays,
mother’s day, get well gifts, thank you, or any occasion.

I know my mom likes flower basket with all types of colors instead of all read rose or all white lily, because I always tell my mom, no matter what age she is at, life could be full of color. If that is not your style, check out more flower ideas for mother’s day here.

The second gift idea would be some cooking ware with some nice cooking recipe, well, if your mom likes cooking.You can easily find some good cooking stuff such as nice plates, cooking pan, Mixer, or a simple juice blender would be a very nice gift too. would be the place I recommend. But hurry, it needs several days to deliver.

The third gift idea would be something related to your mom’s health. Like some neck massage pillow, massage pad, they are not expensive, but could really help if your mom has some pain problem. My mom has back pain. Last year, I got her a pair of Gravity Defyer Shoes which she loved so much. Check out here for how Gravity Defyer Shoes relieve back pain.
Gravity Defyer Shoes Review
Can Gravity Shoes really relieve Back Pain?
This year, I probably will go with massage pad if I choose this idea.

Forth idea for mother’s day gift this year: electronics. Nor sure if you mom is old fashion or new fashion about electronics. If you mom still use computer or laptops, I would recommend an iPad or a tablet which will cost a couple of hundreds dollars. I always think those stuff are for new generations though, but your mom may like it.
Here are some online store you can normally get a great deal on those electronics:
For Apple products, such as iPad or iPhone: MacMall Reseller Stores
For non-Apple Tablets such as Droid Motorola Xoom or ViewPad from ViewSonic, check out the discount site
If those are two expensive, a inexpensive or free prepaid Tracfone might be a good idea for your mom for mother’s day gift too.
Best free prepaid celll phone gift — Tracfone Wireless

Fifth gift which is the last idea for mother’s day, simply pick a holiday card to write thanks and wish her a happy holiday. Like my little boy did to me, a simple hand draw but it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever had. Here are some very nice poems or words you can wrote on your card. (See, I made this easy enough! )

  • “Mom I can’t thank you half as much As I think I oughta. You’re my best friend and confidant “
  • “You’ve given me two things: One is roots, The other’s wings”
  • “If I have never said thank you for bringing me into the world I’d like to do that now.”
  • “If there was a day for everything you have given to me as a mother, it would be Mother’s Day every day.”
  • “Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life… and today it is you!”

Wow.., aren’t they just beautiful !
Happy Mother’s Day to every mother!