2011 Halloween is around the corner again. Have you got all Halloween Costumes for your family ready? What about your little boy? I have a four years old son and his favorite Halloween Costume is Star War costume. However, this year, he told me he wants some new, new Halloween costumes for 2011. I am kind of surprised because I had thought he could just wear the Start War costume from last year since he likes and that will save me some money too. Well, it seems I totally under estimated him and it does not work that way. So I have to search for his new 2011 Halloween Costumes.
After some research, I come up several ones based on popularity and affordability because with current economic situation and I don’t want to spend a fortune on a Halloween costume.
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Toddler Muscle Spiderman Costume. If your son is tired of Star War ones like my son, then this Spiderman could be a pretty cool one. I believe most kids will love it.
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This Captain America is a new one based on popular movie Captain America this year. It is pretty cool, especially the star shield. It only costs around $20. One of the most popular Halloween Costumes you can have.
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All right, if you son just does not like those super hero style, then this Harry Potter Robe is your best choice. You can not go wrong with this Harry Potter Halloween Costume. Every body loves Harry Potter.