2011 Halloween is around the corner again. Have you got all Halloween Costumes for your family ready? What about your daughter? If your daughter is between age 5 and 12, then the good news is you have many options for a girl’s Halloween costumes for an age like this, but also, the bad news are, most of them are not that cheaper.
I’ve seen many Halloween costumes in local shops for a while, but most of them are expensive, and their styles are kind of old. I want to get something new, fresh for my daughter, but also don’t want to spend too much money. So I turned to internet and luckily I found several ones that I really like. Here I would like to share with you all too:
[az_easel item=”B000W3Z8JS”]
Harry Potter Gryffindor Child Robe. Harry Potter character is already one of my favorite Halloween costume characters. This robe has a very good quality with no buttons; instead, it closes with a clasp. The original price is almost $50 and now it is on sale for only $22. That is almost 56% off.
[az_easel item=”B002MRP2JS”]
Spanish Princess Child Costume, I like this one because its beautiful skirts. It is just so cute.
[az_easel item=”B000GYU3ZC”]
Dorothy Costume, will that remind you the story about Dorothy? It is a very traditional Halloween Costume and it is only about $20, right for my budget.
I hope you like these. What about you? What is your favorite ones this year 2011 for your daughter?

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